Thursday, November 06, 2008

2008 Coca-Cola International Coastal Cleanup

If people only knew how much garbage we've already accumulated, maybe (just maybe) people would start reconsidering how they handle their trash every single day. Last September 20, I was lucky to have been part of the Coca-Cola International Coastal Cleanup, organized by The Ocean Conservancy. Coca-Cola Philippines sponsored the event here courtesy of Vic Manlapaz. Ok, so I was not among those who picked up the trash along the coast of Roxas Blvd but I knew and felt the importance of cleaning up our oceans.Ü

It looked like a daunting task to clean up a single stretch of the coast along Roxas Blvd. We were literally walking over garbage when Randy and I were documenting the event but after a couple of hours, we started seeing what can be considered as "real" land.Ü

Here are some of the photos I took during the event.



Some of the participants

Gerrylou's Baby Shower

Baby showers often seen in movies or TV shows usually have the female friends giving gifts to the soon mom to be. Maybe there would some occasional scenes where the partners of those female friends are there but I always thought that it was as simple as that. I guess I'm too naive about life :)

When Karen and I went to Gerrylou's baby shower, it was like a kiddie party. We were given name tags and a couple of kiddie games were played. Good thing I became the designated photographer and didn't have to join the games. hehe

Charades, Pictionary and Baby Names were some of the games that were played

Opening of gifts

Congratulations on your new pride and joy Ge and Joel!Ü

Early Bazaar

Our village held an early single day bazaar last September. Karen and I went there to see what were being sold and we ended up eating more than shopping. :D

Mostly took candid shots of kids playing and eating since it was held at the villages recreation area (which what I call Tahanan Village's Park Ü).


Some Chillax for the Makati Leaders

Why not spend a day of work on the beach?! How I wish this was done on a regular basis. How about, once a week? hehe

The Makati leaders were back to Laiya, Batangas but this time we stayed at Blue Coral. We didn't do much when we got there because most of us went there after our shifts so we spent most of the time sleeping. I, however, was able to sneak in a few night shots with TL Doods that night. I hoped to have them published in DPP's (Digital Photographers Philippines) Issue#22. It wasn't my time yet.Ü

Beach Volleyball (GO MITZ!Ü)

Feeling Hut! Hut! Hut! (hehe)

A Golden Relationship

_MG_8344Tita Sonia and Tito Jessie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last August at Jumbo Kingdom restaurant. It was a simple celebration with family and friends which made it a little more special. I really believe that these moments should be celebrated with close friends and family members to make it meaningful. My cousins whom I have yet to meet (maybe I have but I cannot recall. Sorry!) and are living in the US sent a video for Tita Sonia and Tito Jessie to watch since they were unable to go home.

Sharing some of the photos I took. I wanted to be more of a guest that time and was a little too lazy to move because of the food I devoured! :D

The couple

Our table (Check out the left overs!)

Ate Jingle and her daughter Isabel

Happy Anniversary Tito Sonia and Tito Jessie!Ü

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wedding Photography Seminar by Lito Sy

Last August, I had the chance to join Lito Sy's photography workshop. Sir Lito is one of the Philippines' top weddings and portraiture photographer and has won several photography contests here and abroad. With his type of resume, I was for the most part in awe of his creativity and his skills when he showcased some of his works. Aside from the formal lecture of sharing his techniques, a shoot was part of the seminar to apply what we have learned from Sir Lito's lecture. Our model was Ms. Carlene Aguilar, a former beauty queen, who had such a good mood that day that made the shoot all the more fun and exciting. Here are some of my shots.


I have a somewhat similar post on our business blog at FOCAL Studios. Feel free to also visit that blog. :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

Black Meets White

_MG_8076I was invited by a fellow photography hobbyist in the office whom I met because of Photography Master Aaron Paggabao. I met Diosa Malabanan (aka Ms. D) during the leadership convention and I think I was not as pleasant as I should be when I first met her. It was because I was wondering who she was and why she knew my name. Sorry Ms. D! hehe

Going back, the event was held at One San Miguel's Roof Deck. I agreed to cover their event for experience as well the hope of getting paid for my shots. Our deal was they will order the prints from us. Unfortunately, it was not to be. It was charged to experience plus a chance to shoot the Ortigas skyline at night. :)

Here are some of the photos I took together with Master Rage Tianero.

The early birds

A Flasher distracting the guest for the Thief! :)

Just a few of the beautiful ladies of Voyager taken during the program proper

Master Rage was able to rent a strobe so we were able to setup a "mini-studio". Ü

Some fun shots

The hair flip (courtesy of Master Rage)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 eTelecare Leadership Convention

_MG_7740eTelecare's annual leadership convention was held at The Arena, San Juan City. I was one of the volunteers to cover the company event together with my photographer friend Barry. It was one of the leadership conventions I attended that had a good impact on me. Besides the fact that I enjoyed taking pictures of the people, our guest speaker Coach Chot Reyes, aligned his speech with the company's core values. Talking about the importance of coaching and talking with your team, coupled with real-life experiences, I was able to understand the message Coach Chot wanted to convey because of the similarities (theoretically) of coaching a basketball team and coaching/mentoring a person in your team. Really made an impact on me as a team leader.

Anyway, sharing some of my shots. A few of my photos were used by our company to inform the rest of the company about the leadership convention. I have to remember to get a copy of that poster one of these days. :)

Inside The Arena

Outstanding Contributor Awards

The awardees

Barry taking a snipe at someone

Coach Chot Reyes

Until the next leadership convention!Ü