Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Wedding Photography Seminar by Lito Sy

Last August, I had the chance to join Lito Sy's photography workshop. Sir Lito is one of the Philippines' top weddings and portraiture photographer and has won several photography contests here and abroad. With his type of resume, I was for the most part in awe of his creativity and his skills when he showcased some of his works. Aside from the formal lecture of sharing his techniques, a shoot was part of the seminar to apply what we have learned from Sir Lito's lecture. Our model was Ms. Carlene Aguilar, a former beauty queen, who had such a good mood that day that made the shoot all the more fun and exciting. Here are some of my shots.


I have a somewhat similar post on our business blog at FOCAL Studios. Feel free to also visit that blog. :)

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Filipino Social Network said...

ang ganda po ng mga kuha ninyo.. sana ako rin makuhanan ng ganyan kaganda..