Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Golden Relationship

_MG_8344Tita Sonia and Tito Jessie celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary last August at Jumbo Kingdom restaurant. It was a simple celebration with family and friends which made it a little more special. I really believe that these moments should be celebrated with close friends and family members to make it meaningful. My cousins whom I have yet to meet (maybe I have but I cannot recall. Sorry!) and are living in the US sent a video for Tita Sonia and Tito Jessie to watch since they were unable to go home.

Sharing some of the photos I took. I wanted to be more of a guest that time and was a little too lazy to move because of the food I devoured! :D

The couple

Our table (Check out the left overs!)

Ate Jingle and her daughter Isabel

Happy Anniversary Tito Sonia and Tito Jessie!Ü

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