Wednesday, October 15, 2008

2008 eTelecare Leadership Convention

_MG_7740eTelecare's annual leadership convention was held at The Arena, San Juan City. I was one of the volunteers to cover the company event together with my photographer friend Barry. It was one of the leadership conventions I attended that had a good impact on me. Besides the fact that I enjoyed taking pictures of the people, our guest speaker Coach Chot Reyes, aligned his speech with the company's core values. Talking about the importance of coaching and talking with your team, coupled with real-life experiences, I was able to understand the message Coach Chot wanted to convey because of the similarities (theoretically) of coaching a basketball team and coaching/mentoring a person in your team. Really made an impact on me as a team leader.

Anyway, sharing some of my shots. A few of my photos were used by our company to inform the rest of the company about the leadership convention. I have to remember to get a copy of that poster one of these days. :)

Inside The Arena

Outstanding Contributor Awards

The awardees

Barry taking a snipe at someone

Coach Chot Reyes

Until the next leadership convention!Ü

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